Shirlee Friedman Esquire, of Lipschutz and Friedman

Specializes in personal injury litigation in all of Pennsylvania (including but not limited to Philadelphia and surrounding counties) and New Jersey! If you are injured in any type of accident and you are worried about loss of income, pain, mounting medical bills etc, I can help you! You may have rights that you are not aware of!

Attorney Shirlee Friedman handles all aspects of personal injury cases including accidents involving: automobiles, buses, motorcycles, trucks, tractor trailers, nursing home injuries, slip and falls due to snow and ice, slip and falls at shopping centers, supermarkets, malls, streets, movie theaters etc. We handle amusement park injuries, dog bites, horse cases, hair dye reactions, injuries due to defective products, construction accidents, burn injuries, hot water heater, injuries on the job, death cases and medical mal practice cases.

If you have been injured on the job, in addition to a worker’s compensation claim, you may be entitled to recover substantial damages from a third party! If you are not sure of your rights call me! Even if you have been turned down by another attorney call me!!! It is a free consultation and you have nothing to loose!

March 15, 2016: Philadelphia Law Firm Celebrates 37 Years of Experience in Premises Liability

Excerpt: ” No matter what the situation, if you are injured at work, in an accident or at a business, you have a legal right to representation for your injury.”

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July 16, 2015: Philadelphia Law Firm Lipschutz & Friedman Announces that they are Now Offering Free Consultations

Excerpt: “The Philadelphia law firm of Lipschutz & Friedman has announced its intention to offer all new and existing clients with a complementary consultation to discuss their cases and their rights.”

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December 10, 2014: Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorneys Lipschutz & Friedman Unveils New Educational Website

Excerpt: “Leading personal injury legal firm Lipschutz & Friedman is pleased to announce the launching of its brand-new educational website,, which provides visitors an extensive array of easy-to-understand legal knowledge.”

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