How an Attorney Can Help You Get Victim’s Assistance

If you are a victim of a violent crime, including assault, rape and the homicide of someone you love, you may be victims-assistance-attorneyeligible to receive victim assistance through a government program designed to reimburse people in your situation. This may include help for medical and dental expenses, funeral costs, counseling and lost wages or support. However, the government is not always in a hurry to offer this benefit, even to those who deserve it, so you may need the help of a qualified attorney to receive the assistance you are due.

Proving Your are a Victim

Two people may be eligible to receive victim’s assistance. The direct victim, the person the crime was committed against, is the first party who can apply. Some states will only compensate those victims who are physically injured in an event, while others will compensate those who are traumatized as well.

Family members of homicide victims are the other group who may be due compensation under victim’s compensation laws. The compensation can cover funeral costs, medical bills for the deceased, counseling and loss of income or support when a wage earner is killed. However, you may have to meet specific requirements to be an eligible family member.

An attorney can help with the application process, helping you collect the police records, receipts and other documents to prove that you were, in fact, the victim of a violent crime and eligible for compensation. Your attorney can also help with the filing of the claim form in your state, ensuring that your application is not denied by a technicality on your claim.

When you are the victim of a violent crime, either directly or indirectly, the consequences are often far-reaching. Don’t start the process of looking for help without legal assistance. Contact Lipschutz & Friedman today to get help from a knowledgeable team of lawyers who are passionate about helping victims.

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