How to File a Wrongful Death Claim

The unexpected loss of a loved one is never easy. The necessity of funeral preparations, death certificates and the mourning are all overwhelming to many, and one thing that may be forgotten is filing a wrongful death claim. You have a full calendar year to file a lawsuit, but the sooner you speak to an… [Read More]

Premises Liability: Business May Have to Clean Up Spill Within Three Minutes

Protecting Yourself as a Cyclist

Living in a large metropolitan city means cyclists abound, and there is a chance you may be one yourself. This blog will give you a bit of information about bicycling injuries and legal issues. The general opinion of all medical professionals is a helmet is the most important piece of safety equipment a cyclist can… [Read More]

School responsible for not having defibrillator at sports event

A public school district could be held legally responsible for not having an automated external defibrillator at a high-school soccer game, after a player collapsed and suffered permanent brain damage, the Florida Supreme Court recently decided. The player, Abel Limones, had stopped breathing and had no pulse. His coach and a nurse who happened to… [Read More]

Laundry pod poisonings becoming widespread

Laundry pods – those single-dose packets of laundry detergent that can be put unopened into a washing machine instead of liquids or powders – have caused a spate of poisonings and other accidents recently. Laundry pods are particularly dangerous to small children, who might bite into the pods or squeeze them, causing them to suddenly… [Read More]

Nursing home abuse and neglect are more common than most people think

Elderly patients are being neglected and mistreated in nursing homes far more frequently than most people realize. According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, about one out of every three nursing home residents in America suffers from neglect.  In one survey conducted by the Center, nearly half of all participating residents claimed they personally… [Read More]

Keyless Ignitions Tied to Carbon Monoxide Deaths

Keyless ignitions can be great for people who have their hands full and don’t want to take their keys out of their pocket. But it’s possible that such ignition systems could pose a deadly threat of carbon monoxide poisoning. The problem occurs because many such cars won’t shut off automatically if the driver doesn’t press… [Read More]

Deciding if it is Malpractice

When you go to a doctor, you expect to get better, not worse. Sometimes doctors make the situation worse. Sometimes the doctor causes a problem. This is called “iatrogenic” in medical terms. If you think something went wrong, the first thing you need to do is talk to the doctor. You need to understand what… [Read More]

Here’s a Common Issue When a Doctor is Negligent

Doctors may have the best of intentions, but sometimes a doctor will make a mistake or be careless, and harm results. In many states, there are strict time limits for filing a lawsuit against a doctor. That means a patient must file a claim within a short time after the doctor’s actions, or lose any… [Read More]

Motor Vehicle Accidents – What to do if you are at Fault

If it turns out that you were pretty clearly at fault for your car accident, it’s not the end of the world, but it could end up costing you a certain amount of both money and hassle, depending on the specifics of your situation. Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re legally… [Read More]